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Age 7+ Belt Promotions Week

Instructions, Schedule of Events, What to expect

Congratulations on your child participating in our recent Age 7+ Belt Test Day on Saturday July 17, 2021. 

I am excited to award each student to their new belt this week. For better organization and time management I have created a schedule for promotions. 

Please check out your options for when your child can receive their new belts: 

Promotion Clarifications

We are welcoming one parent per participant (new belt recipient) into the dojo to watch Sensei award our children. 

Parents do not need to register for a spot, please come to the dojo door 15 mins before the end of each class and the teaching team will check in parents who are there to watch.

Only students who participated in this belt test cycle are set to receive their new belts. This promotion week is not for new black belts, black belt ranks, or Junior Magnus (Age 4-6) students. 

This is a time for Sensei to say great things about your child, talk about their progress, and award them their new ranks in front of their peers. Belt promotion ceremonies are very heartfelt and a time to honor all students who have put in the time and effort to earn their new place in their training process. 

Take as many photos and videos as you would like! Sensei is available for pics after the promotion with your new belt. 

Masks required indoors for all participants and spectators. 

Temp checks at the door. 

Not feeling well?…please do not come to the test. If a test participant falls ill before test time we can find an alternative solution. 

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Belt Promotions 2

Your Promotion Opportunities

Monday and Tuesday: (5/3 & 5/4)

1. All students being promoted to Yellow Belt (currently wearing Half-White / Half Yellow)

2. All students being promoted to Orange Belt (currently wearing Yellow Belt) 

3. All students being promoted within Green Belt Ranks (currently wearing a Green Belt, Green with white stripe, or Green with Black Stripe) 

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: (5/5, 5/6, 5/7)

1. All students being promoted to Blue Belt (currently wearing Orange Belt) 

2. All students being promoted within Brown Belt Ranks (currently wearing a Brown Belt, or Brown Belt with White Stripe) 

April Belt Test Day Thank you Post

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