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Check out what belt testing looks like! Video from our July 2021 test.


how Belt
Testing works

Check out what belt testing looks like! Video from our July 2021 test.

Belt testing is an exciting process for all Age 7+ students. 

All in all there are nine belts to earn before a youth black belt test (which generally takes a student 4 to 5 years to become an eligible test candidate). 

Students are invited to belt tests through private invitations. 

They become eligible to test for new rank based upon attendance and Sensei’s recommendation to level up (based upon technical readiness). 

The first two years of black belt training offer an opportunity to test (level up) every 3 months.

Our belt tests are scheduled in quarters and show up on events calendars on our portal and announced through email blast reminders. 

Invitations to the test are always based upon class attendance (we track attendance using the registration app – if a student attends anywhere between 12 – 14 classes from their previous test to the invite period which occurs one month before the test, they will be eligible based on attendance). 

Regardless of attendance, Sensei has complete discretion to invite a student to a belt test based upon technical or personal readiness to take the test. 

When a student becomes a brown belt in Age 7+ (approximately two years after beginning Age 7+ Beginner) test cycles are increased to 6 months apart. At black belt candidate (brown with black stripe) a student will train and prepare for youth black belt over one year of time before taking the test. 

The test invitation will come in a private email and will provide the following details: 

1. Test Date

2. Test Group Time (based upon your child’s age and rank)

3. Spectator Information

4. Test Registration Fee: Each test features a $50 registration fee at Age 7+ programming. 

Belt tests are special events and are not seen as an extension or inclusion of your monthly tuition at Magnus Karate. That rate covers new belts to be purchased, special event time (or make up test time) which is not included in monthly tuition, and Sensei and teaching team members who are there to run the event. 


We invite up to 3 parents / guests per participant to each belt test. Seats are placed inside of the dojo for you to sit and enjoy the test process. 

*Sensei will not facilitate a test for any student who does not have a parent available to watch the test. Taking a belt test is seen as an opportunity to elevate and he believes all parents / guardians should be able to share in their children’s success. 

belt ranks at age 7+

Age 7 Belt Progression

Students have the opportunity to earn new belts by being invited to belt test day. 

Upon passing their test, they are awarded their new belt at our promotion day event or a small belt promotion ceremony after a regular class. 

Different than Junior Magnus, belts are earned at belt tests and will not be provided as a progress and attendance marker which is what they were used for in Junior Magnus. 

Please reference the belt progression image attached to this section: 

White to Yellow Belt: 3 Months

Yellow to Orange Belt: 3 Months

Orange to Blue Belt: 3 Months

Blue to Green Belt: 3 Months

Green to Green/White Stripe: 3 Months

Green/White to Green/Black Stripe: 3 Months

Green/Black Stripe to Brown Belt: 3 Months 

Brown Belt to Brown/White Stripe: 6 Months 

Brown/White Stripe to Brown/Black Stripe: 6 Months 

Brown/Black Stripe to Youth Black Belt: 1 Year 

July Promotion Day

All students who have passed their belt test are invited to our promotion day event. It’s a nice opportunity to watch Sensei award your child their next belt rank, watch black belt demonstrations, and enjoy snacks and refreshments for the family. 

If you are unable to attend promotion day, a private belt promotion ceremony can be scheduled towards the end of a regular class that your child attends. 

Junior Magnus belts are provided at Sensei’s discretion and are generally used as progress and attendance markers. There is no testing process at Junior Magnus and belts are not seen as an “earned” process within Junior Magnus. Sensei keeps belts very “low key” in Junior Magnus. 

Age 7+ belts are all earned at belt tests. Every belt a student earns helps them climb one step to closer to their big goal of black belt. 

Age 7 Belt Progression
October Promotion Day
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Age 7+ Curriculum

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Provided are a series of brief explanations behind the major units contained within our Age 7+ programs. 

As a Junior Magnus student your child was provided with the foundations and introduction techniques to all of these units. Now as an Age 7+ student they will learn how to progressively become independent within each skill set they learn. 

Sensei Pic 2

Similar to our Junior Magnus tradition of starting each class off with an obstacle course, Age 7+ classes feature a variety of immediate quick start activities to each class. 

They can include ladder and agility, circuit stations, obstacle courses, conditioning and partner drills, motor skill development, and safety falls and rolls. 

Our classes move fast from the start to the finish! 


A wide variety of kicking tehcniques are introduced to each student. 

The majority of kicking drills are performed with a partner (students at this level hold shields and paddles for each other) and learn how to kick from stationary and moving positions. 

Striking is advanced from the Junior Magnus level as students learn how to mitt drill with basic foundation striking techniques and a wide variety of partner cooperation drills. 

Our protection curiculum is vast and features four main units of instruction. 

Joint offsets, sensitivity /connection/flow, takedowns, and grappling. 

All instruction is age and rank appropriate and at the beginner level features an even blend of partner to partner and instructor – student drilling. 


Sparring is introduced in the form of movement based drilling that incorporates kicking and striking techniques learned within the Junior Magnus and Beginner level. 

Beginners are offered multiple opportunities annually to attend free workshops to teach you about sparring and how to gain confidence from this activity. 

In regards to sparring in class with gear, this activity is reserved for Beginner and Instructor pairings at the Beginner level. When a student moves in Green-Brown class (intermediate level) they are introduced into partner and partner sparring. 

Kata is the connector activity to all things wthin our curriculum. 

Essentially a form which provides training tools that aide in structure development, balance, stance formation, footwork, pivot and hip generation and combination based movements. 

Kata is very foundations based at Beginner level and moves into a very complex state in black belt ranks. 

Eskrima is the common weapons activity that is taught immediately at Magnus Karate. 

Eskrima is a single or double stick fighting system originating from the Phillipines and is a tool that all participants can learn at anytime. 

A huge favorite among our students, they love learning about multiple striking angles and how this exercise helps connect all weapons within our weapon arts curriculum together. 

social events

Extra events and workshops

Age 7+ brings a great deal of special event opportunities monthly. 

We regularly offer free workshops to teach students about sparring, grappling, weapons, and kata practice. 

Along with free offerings you will see on a monthly basis, Age 7+ has a large amount of regular school year and summer clinic intensives and workshops. 

You will notice these extra offerings on our events calendar and weekly email announcements. 

Events Page Promo

future opportunities

future opportunities

Age 7+ has the potential to include multiple future opportunities such as membership onto our Leadership Team and inclusion into our Magnus Weapon Arts programming.

The Magnus Karate Leadership Team is the strongest additional program we offer at Magnus Karate. 

Students can qualify for a select invitation to Leadership Team at Brown Belt level in Age 7+. You will notice many Leadership Team members providing volunteer support in all Junior Magnus and Age 7+ classes. 

Leadership Team has produced all of our official teaching team members. (This program is an instructor training pipeline). 

Tons of Age 4-6 students continue on to become Leadership Team members and may have grown to become teachers at Magnus! 

Leadership Team Email Cover

faq - age 7+ training

Not immediately. 

Magnus will send out email announcements regarding any needed equipment (when and if the time comes in the future). 

Example: Sparring Gear Packages, Weapons, Striking & Kicking Equipment. 


Attending one time per week is not recommended. One time per week is considered part time training, which is highly discouraged.

Based upon many years of experience we have found that to receive the most benefits from what we do in Age 7+ all students should aim to attend class anywhere between 6, 7, or 8 classes at a minimum. 

Attending class anywhere between 3-5 times per month consistently will generally lead to confidence loss overall and eventually lead to the student discontinuing based upon feeling behind the group and all content categories. 

A blend of our teaching team members and Sensei. 

If using our schedule part time due to a seasonal sport (example – it’s baseball season, we can only make it one time per week for two months) – this should have no impact of confidence or progression. 

If attending at an average of one time per week for 3 months or longer – most likely results in a full confidence loss in the activity therefore leading to the student discontinuing. 


Using our schedule flexibly is always encouraged. 

If your child is participating in a seasonal sport and you need to use the schedule to attend when you can – this should have no significant impact on progress. 

Historically speaking – Students have not been impacted when changing routine for a small amount of time (2 months).

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