Events Night – January 7, 2022

January 7, 2022 Events Night Review

This past Friday was filled with four special events workshops – we kicked off class 1 for our new Magnus Weapon Arts Course 1-A (Foundations / Intro to Single Stick Eskrima and Bo Staff) and had three Leadership Team Workshops for Levels 1, 2, and 3 leaders – all taught by our Teaching Team members!

Enjoy these pics below from our events:

Weapon Arts Course 1-A, Class 1:

This group began their first class within a 6 part workshop series. We meet next Friday for our second class to learn more skills and progress on what we have learned in class 1.

Did you know…Outside of our Leadership Team this is the first group of students (most under brown belt level) to enter into a Weapon Arts certification course?! Our Weapon Arts program continues to grow in participation and lesson plan content.

Weapon Arts Class 1 Pic 1 4Weapon Arts Class 1 Pic 1 3

Weapon Arts Class 1 Pic 1    Weapon Arts Class 1 Pic 1 2


Leadership Team – Team Training Workshops

Every month our Leadership Team meets to take part in levels specific team training workshops. These training workshops are the back bone of what we do on The Leadership Team at Magnus Karate. Our team is composed of three levels, each Level 1 is coached by senior Teaching Team members were they engage in a variety of public speaking, group and one on one coaching methods, curriculum development and strategy interpretation, and in class support training.
Many thanks to Mr. Steinberger for leading our group along with Mr. Cortes, and Miss Merinova who were supported by four level 3 leaders in Mr. Mullin, Mr. Winkleman, Mr. Wark, and Mr. Sinowitz.


January Leadership TT Pic 2 January Leadership TT Pic 3 January Leadership TT Pic 4 January Leadership TT Pic





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