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Summer 2021 Camps and Clinic Intensives

Summer Black Belt Full Day Final Image

Black Belt - Black Belt Candidate Full Day Clinic Intensive

Monday 6/28 – 7/2

$50 deposit -Click for full price

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Blue, Green, & Brown Belt Clinic Intensive

7/12 – 7/16 Half Day Intensive 

$50 deposit -Click for full price

Summer Leadership Team Clinic Intensive

Leadership Team Camp

7/19 – 7/23 INVITE ONLY

$50 deposit -Click for full price

Summer Junior Magnus Camp

Junior Magnus Age 4-6
Half Day Camp

7/26 – 7/30

$50 deposit -Click for full price

summer time frequently asked questions about Magnus...

YES! Magnus Karate is a full time martial arts academy.

Our school is designed as a year round activity. 

Age 7+ programming is not designed as “seasonal” or “rec” based. Classes and curriculum are ongoing.

For the most part no, classes will remain similar to the Fall, Winter, and Spring. 

Due to Covid we are in an active state of re-evaluating our offerings each quarter to make sure we are offering the best schedule for each age and rank grouping. 

Special events and extra opportunities are exclusive to active members.