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Adult Training

providing scholarships to our students

Our adult classes are beginner friendly and provide multiple class options per week for the participant who is seeking to stay active, learn principle based skill sets, and feel challenged. The Magnus Karate adult curriculum centers around Okinawan Shorin Ryu as seen through the lineage of Eizo Shimbukuro, Bill Hayes, and Tony D’Angelo. Each class offers a wide variety of classical and modern training concepts. Using four components to organize our curriculum – Kata Development, Personal Protection, Conditioning & Meditation, and Weapon Arts Development. Aspects of our training curriculum: • Principle Based Life Protection Concepts – (Sensitivity, Flow, and Connection Drills, Tripping, Throwing, Sweeping, Seizing & Grabbing, Ground Grappling, Joint Manipulation, Kinetic Based Impact Striking, Vital Area Impact Striking, Life Protection based kicking skills, Sparring, Chokes, Low Leg structure offsets). • Kata Development – Utilizing multiple principles of training methodology all students will learn an authentic and highly useful mode of practice within Kata training. As seen at Magnus Karate our students utilize these pre-arranged forms of motion to enlighten the mind for actual combat. • Conditioning & Meditation – Our training model features a wide variety of conditioning drills utilizing classical joint opening and loosening techniques, functional strength training (using classical Chinese and Okinawan resistance tools), Qigong training to become aware of the body and free the joints / loosen soft tissue, and multiple breathing / meditation techniques. • Weapon Arts – The Magnus Weapon Arts model is a feature included within our adult training courses. Each student will be exposed to and progressively learn Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima and Knife Training), Okinawan Bo (Tactical Usage), Tonfa, Sai, Nunchaku, Chizikunbo, and Kama. Using principle based concepts (Modes of Striking, Range, Direction of Entry) we practice each weapon in a cohesive manner to allow the student to grow into a skilled weapon practitioner.


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