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Learn More about Magnus Karate

Magnus Karate is a full time age appropriate martial arts academy. 

Celebrating 11 years in May 2021 our karate school offers traditional martial arts programming starting at Age 4. 

Our curriculum is vast and features a clear pathway for any student of any age. 

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Magnus Karate is a no contract karate school. 

Month to month payments. 

Our curriculums and programs operate year round, get started anytime! 


The best way to find out if Magnus Karate is a good fit for your family is to come in for a free trial lesson. 

  • If all parties feel like its a good fit to move forward we suggest you utilize the monthly intro offer to test out the flex schedule. 
  • After the intro families move forward month to month as active members of Magnus Karate. 
  • No Contracts, No Gimmicks, Month to Month Payments


We recently relocated our karate school to our brand new dojo in downtown West Chester! – Cambridge Square Shopping Center – popular stores in the plaza which includes Rita’s, Jersey Mike’s, America’s Pie).



Custom Fit

We use modern educational philosophy and methodology, paired with time-tested, world-class traditional Okinawan martial arts to ensure that every student receives the best training for their developmental stage, and individual needs. Students are taught at a high level, and receive personal attention from our instructors in every class. Multiple classes are offered each week for every age and skill level.

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many options

Magnus Karate teaches authentic, practical Okinawan martial arts at the highest level, and boasts a complete, progressive curriculum so that students build incredible physical ability, as well as practical skills in self defense. We offer youth and adult classical martial arts, weapon arts training, striking and kicking arts, ground grappling, mediation, and Qigong. We pride ourselves in student growth and development – our curriculum is packed with material that works for everyone.

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Learn to Lead

Beyond martial arts, we offer a world-class leadership program that deepens young peoples’ sense of self, dramatically improves social confidence, and builds priceless public speaking skills at an early age. Leadership students have become leaders both in our academy, and their academic environments, and have been accepted at such prestigious institutions as Harvard University, the US Naval Academy, the Yale University, and more. Our leadership training is rooted in proven methodology, and is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s development.

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Building instructors

We do not hire from the outside, and all of our instructional team members are current students at Magnus Karate, often with a decade or more of experience, and have taken part in every aspect of the Magnus Karate Journey. They have not only learned the Magnus method, they have lived it, and they are passionate about passing their knowledge and skills to the next generation of Magnus leaders.


Effort, Responsibility, Confidence

Our three primary core values. Every class centers around these guiding principles of life development. We want all Magnus Karate students to feel confidence every time they enter our dojo.


our business model

No Contracts – Month to Month Payment Options – Quality Instruction every class. All of our students are here because they love our program, and we want you to love it too.

Meet Sensei Pannulla

Mike Pannulla, Sensei is the owner and head instructor of Magnus Karate located in West Chester, PA. A lifelong dedicated student of the martial arts, Mike has been practicing actively and consistently for over 26 years.

Since his young high school years, Mike has made teaching and advancing his understanding of karate his professional mission. Beginning his martial arts training in the fifth grade under John McManus, Sabomnim (Odyssey Karate – Coatesville, PA), Mike fell in love with martial arts practice and by the end of High School knew that he would teach karate full time.

Currently Sensei holds multiple black belt certification ranks and is a dedicated student of Kyoshi Tony D’Angelo (Endokan Hombu Dojo – New Lenox, IL) studying Okinwana Shobayashi Shorin Ryu as his base art. Under the guidance of Bill Hayes, Hanshi and Tony D’Angelo, Kyoshi Mike is an active member of the Shobayshi-Kan, an international martial arts organization promoting the cultural values of the Okinawan people and the martial art of karate-do.

Magnus Karate was founded in 2010 and is solely owned and operated by MIke Pannulla.
With over 26 years of consistent martial arts practice, and multiple black belt certifications Mike is a constant student of the arts.
Program director and developer for the Magnus Karate Leadership Team, Magnus Weapon Arts Program, and Magnus University.
Sensei is the head instructor, curriculum developer, teaching team instructor, and lead example for all participants at Magnus Karate. 
Founded The Magnus Foundation, a 501-c3 not for profit scholarship foundation for Magnus Karate students and employees.
Each class will feature members of the Magnus Karate teaching team instructing classes. All teaching team members are home grown at Magnus and attend weekly staff and instructor training workshops.

magnus karate FAQ

  • Magnus Karate is a no contract karate school. 
  • Month to Month payments always 
  • Magnus is celebrating 11 years in business in May 2021. 
  • Magnus Karate is a full time age appropriate martial arts academy. 
  • Classes are available starting at Age 4 and are segmented according to age and experience levels. 
  • No experience is necessary, our Age 7+ Beginner class is very welcoming to a new student of martial art practice. 
  • Anytime! Magnus Karate is a year round martial arts academy. 
  • Free trial lessons are available upon request. Please fill out a contact form and a Magnus Karate representative will contact you back with helpful information and first available intro lesson opportunities. 

Magnus Karate is happy to answer any and all questions up front please contact us: 

  1. Fill our a contact form here on the website, a Magnus Karate representative will respond to you upon request. 
  2. Call us at 610-890-3656, for even faster service feel free to send us a text at that same number. 
  3. Send us an email at [email protected] 

Our Programs

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