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Magnus Karate was founded in 2010 and is solely owned and operated by MIke Pannulla.
With over 26 years of consistent martial arts practice, and multiple black belt certifications Mike is a constant student of the arts.
Program director and developer for the Magnus Karate Leadership Team, Magnus Weapon Arts Program, and Magnus University.
Sensei is the head instructor, curriculum developer, teaching team instructor, and lead example for all participants at Magnus Karate. 
Founded The Magnus Foundation, a 501-c3 not for profit scholarship foundation for Magnus Karate students and employees.
Each class will feature members of the Magnus Karate teaching team instructing classes. All teaching team members are home grown at Magnus and attend weekly staff and instructor training workshops.

Mike Pannulla, Sensei is the owner and head instructor of Magnus Karate located in West Chester, PA. A lifelong dedicated student of the martial arts, Mike has been practicing actively and consistently for over 26 years.

Since his young high school years, Mike has made teaching and advancing his understanding of karate his professional mission. Beginning his martial arts training in the fifth grade under John McManus, Sabomnim (Odyssey Karate – Coatesville, PA), Mike fell in love with martial arts practice and by the end of High School knew that he would teach karate full time.

Currently Sensei holds multiple black belt certification ranks and is a dedicated student of Kyoshi Tony D’Angelo (Endokan Hombu Dojo – New Lenox, IL) studying Okinwana Shobayashi Shorin Ryu as his base art. Under the guidance of Bill Hayes, Hanshi and Tony D’Angelo, Kyoshi Mike is an active member of the Shobayshi-Kan, an international martial arts organization promoting the cultural values of the Okinawan people and the martial art of karate-do.

With over 10,000 hours of teaching experience, Mike prides himself on the development of every student he teaches at Magnus Karate. Sensei has developed every aspect of the Magnus Karate method of youth instruction and has established a foundations and advanced levels curriculum for all teen and adult participants. As a program director and developer Mike created the Magnus Karate Leadership Team in 2013 as a way to bring select students together for an opportunity to learn leadership and instructor skills.

As a lifelong student of the arts, Mike also participates and cross-trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Filipino Martial Arts (FMA / Eksrima), Classical Okinawan Weapons Arts, Ngo Cho Kun (Five Ancestors Fist Boxing), and functional training. 

Currently Mike is enrolled in a Doctorate Level Medical Qigong (a variation of Traditional Chinese Medicine) under his teacher Dr. Tony D’Angelo. Currently a six year practitioner of Chinese Inner Arts, Mike is a developed Qigong and mediation student. He currently teaches Qigong at Magnus Karate and offers medical Qigong treatments and breakthrough sessions privately.

Outside of his professional life as an entrepreneur and full times martial arts instructor / business owner, Mike enjoys his personal time with his wife Jenn and their two children. 


april exclusive intro web offer: One week and a uniform for $29