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Age 7+ Martial Arts programs

our age 7+ class:

Magnus Karate offers year round academy style martial arts training at all levels of practice. Our age 7+ program – appropriate primarily for age 7-12 – is the road to black belt. Our classes have something for everyone and feature a wide variety of martial arts content. 


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age 7+ Quick Facts:

Current class options offered weekly for Age 7+ are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

For Age 7+, we offer 5 class options per week – you can be flexible and pick and choose which class works best for you week to week. 

All classes at Age 7+ are offered at unlimited attendance volume per month. 

To access our current schedule please request more info. 

Magnus Karate is a year round full time martial arts academy. 

You can get started any month or week of the year. 

Simply contact us and we will send you available dates to schedule your free intro week. 

Magnus Karate is a no contract, month to month service based academy. 

Age 7+ is considered academy level training and the pathway to Black Belt at Magnus Karate. 

Our primary style is Okinawan Shorin Ryu (Shobayashi-Ryu) and our curriculum features a blend of modern and classical age appropriate training methodology.

You will have consistency in teachers at our dojo. Sensei Pannulla teaches 90% of our classes with the support of our many teaching team members (who are all apprentices and long term students at Magnus).

Beginner Friendly! Age 7+ features a beginner level program that is very friendly for students who are new to martial arts practice. No experience is required to get started! 

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Age 7+ PROGRAM Description

Magnus Karate offers year round academy style martial arts training at all levels of practice. Our age 7+ program – appropriate primarily for age 7-12 – is the road to black belt. 

All students in age 7+ enter a multi-stage belt rank system to help them level up along their journey toward black belt. Each class progresses students with rank appropriate skills and movement that are also developmentally age appropriate. All classes are fun, fast, organized and driven by Sensei’s confidence based coaching strategies. It is a great option for students who are new to martial arts practice!

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Our training programs are rooted in Traditional Okinawan Karate blended with modern martial arts concepts. Our classes have something for everyone and feature a wide variety of martial arts content including classical foundation/traditional martial arts skills, kicking and striking, partner personal protection, ground grappling, and sparring. Our Age 7+ program helps students improve confidence, focus and organizational skills, strength development, positive belief systems, coachability, resilience, responsibility, structure and balance, and athleticism.

Students in our age 7+ program enjoy the additional opportunities of fun special events, grappling and sparring classes, weapon arts classes, and future tournament competition. Our age 7+ students also have the opportunity for future invitation to join the Leadership Team and Teaching Team as they advance in age and rank.


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From the start to finish our classes are organized, on task, and packed with action. We like to keep it moving!

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Active daily quick starts, striking and kicking, classical kata/foundation techniques, sparring, ground grappling, takedown/throws, clinch and clinch/control. 

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Lessons and Curriculum that progress skill development (Daily lesson plans and curriculum are designed personally by Sensei Pannulla (each and every week). 

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There are multiple levels to advance to in our curriculum, Age 7+ is considered black belt training at our academy. 

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Learn Leadership! Age 7+ is the pathway to our premiere Leadership Team experience. 

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Extra Classes, Special Workshops, and Social Events every month to take part in!


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Magnus Karate is happy to provide all program related information privately to you – including our current schedule options, program specific rates, and free trial lesson availability. 

Please complete a contact form anywhere on our website, or send us an email at [email protected] and we will send you that information back immediately. 

Yes! Our dojo hosts special events and extra class training opportunities every month. Parents receive notice of these active member opportunities through our weekly email and member portal. 

Check out some of these events that host annually at the dojo: 

  • Parent Night Out Events (Theme based and tons of fun, usually on a Friday or Saturday night -very popular). Recently we hosted Floor is Lava Night, Star Wars Night, Batman Night, Ninja Turtles Night, and Harry Potter Night! 

  • Extra Monthly Classes: Grappling, Weapon Arts, and Sparring classes are commonly added monthly as extra class training opportunities. 

  • Half Day and Full Day Workshops / Fun Camps

  • Weapon Arts Intensive Workshops 

  • Holiday Parties

  • Movie and Pizza Nights

  • Summer Camps and Clinic Intensives 

  • Birthday Parties (By Request)

Yes, Magnus Karate operates on a traditional 10 step belt rank system for our Age 7+ program. Our classes are separated by rank and curriculum level (example – Beginner, Green/Brown which is our intermediate and pre-advanced), Youth Black Belt and Advanced Brown Belt, and Age 14+ Black Belt and Adult classes. 

Belt tests for students under black belt ranks are hosted quarterly and are invitation only events. You gain invitations to test for new ranks based upon class attendance, technical improvements within current curriculum content, and Sensei’s discretion. 

Our belt tests are a family event and a time for celebration. Being invited to the test is Sensei’s way of telling your child that they are ready to advance. Our Teaching Team works  hard to prepare students for the big day. It’s a big day for everyone involved! 

Upon scheduling your free intro classes with us, you will immediately be followed up with a first class instructions email. That message will contain a brief description as to what to expect on day one, what to wear, where parents can view class, and what time to arrive. 

On your first day you will be greeted by Sensei Pannulla or one of the teaching team members and given a brief tour of our dojo and how class to class operations work. 

Sensei is very experienced with first time students and helping them feel comfortable and confident in class. Your child will take class and get the full experience of being a Magnus Karate student in our beginner class. 

Parents have an opportunity to view class from our viewing lobby and watch from behind the window to see how your child takes to class. 

At the end of the class, Sensei or a Teaching Team member will come out of the dojo and talk to the student and parents about how class went and provide further recommendations or help you get enrolled into our academy as soon as you would like. 

Anytime! Magnus Karate operates on a year round basis and accepts students at any time of the year. We do not operate in sessions or seasons. Simply contact Magnus Karate in one of the following ways and we will contact you back with our soonest availability to arrange your free trial week at our dojo.

  • Email us at [email protected]

  • Text us at 610-890-3656

  • Call us at 610-890-3656

  • Complete a contact request form here on our website (on any page)

Our primary style of martial arts is Okinaway Shorin Ryu (Shobayashi Shorin Ryu). Our classes feature a truly mixed interpretation of content – we have something for everyone. 

Commonly classes feature multiple curriculum units which are designed to progress week to week, and month to month. 

Your classes will commonly feature: 

  • Daily Quickstart Activities

  • Kicking and Striking Units

  • Classical Kata and Foundations Technique Training

  • Protection Practice – Ground Grappling, Takedowns & Throws, Joint Offsets and Controls, and Sensitivity, Flow, Connection drills. 

  • Sparring and Sparring Drilling

  • Continuation Sparring (Combining practical sparring kicking and striking with upright clinch, takedowns, and ground grappling). 

  • Fun Karate Activities and Game

We offer extra monthly classes that focus on one topic such as Ground Grappling, Sparring, Weapon Arts. 

Our curriculum content is similar to many styles such as other forms of Okinawan and Japanese Karate, Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and at the advanced levels we look at wrestling concepts. If you child has experience at another academy our curriculum has something that fits in commonly with what they were practicing during their previous experience. Contact Sensei to talk about strategies to help with starting at Magnus Karate (event if they have experience).

The only way to see if what we do is a good fit for your child is to bring them in for their first free trial lesson. It’s a great way to meet Sensei and our Teaching Team, view the dojo, and check out how our classes operate. 

Sensei is available to talk after class and help answer any questions you have that our pre-visit emails did not answer. 

We like to prepare our parents fully on their schedule options, monthly program rates, additional services, and essential policies before they arrive at the dojo for the free trial lesson. Magnus will send you an email with mostly all of this information before you arrive so that you are prepped for the possibility of enrollment after the free intro period. 

All of Magnus Karate’s classes are taught by our Teaching Team. Sensei Pannulla personally leads over 90% of classes week to week with the support of his team. When he is not available to teach one of our certified instructors will be leading the class with support from other team members. 

Our Teaching Team has been composed of long term Magnus Karate students who took part in our Leadership Team program as youth participants and moved into the Teaching Team level. All team members are current and active members of the academy. 

Teaching Team members train weekly with Sensei on instructional strategies, curriculum development insight, and coaching.

Absolutely. Martial arts as we see it at Magnus Karate is an individualized concept. Our curriculum and lesson plans are designed to accommodate each student individually. 

Many parents have reported significant gains in balance, coordination, reflexes, and overall functional strength after sustained participation in our classes. 

With time and practice, our programs can help any child develop strength in areas that you as a parent have identified as needing improvement. 

Feel free to contact Sensei to talk about your goals, he is always available for a phone call – 610-890-3656.


our dojo / location

All classes and programs are located at our dojo in Cambridge Square Shopping Center - West Chester, PA on Gay Street.

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