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2022 Annual Awards

2022 Annual Awards at Magnus Karate


Over the last week or so Sensei has been awarding the annual dojo awards. There are four awards in total that are given to our Black belt and adult students at the end of each year to acknowledge their dedication to the dojo and contributions as they train beyond the Black belt level.

Our 2022 Kazanjian Award for Student Dedication was given to Nico. This award, named for Sensei’s original student, friend, & Magnus Foundation Board member Paul Kazanjian Sr., recognizes a student for the dedication to martial study and the Magnus dojo. A student for over 11 years, Nico continues to show his love for martial through his own practice and as an assistant instructor and coach at the dojo. We are so proud to have him as a member of our Magnus community!

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Our 2022 Ritchie Award for student leadership is Danielle Hana! This award is named for Sensei’s long time training partner, mentor, and Magnus Foundation Board member Paul Ritchie. Paul is a true leader who shared his experiential wisdom and insights with Sensei helping him to become the community leader he is today. A 7 year student of Magnus Karate, DH is both a member of the Leadership Team and an assistant instructor. She is a leader through and through – demonstrating her skills as both mentor and coach to our younger students and Leadership Team members and in class with her own training habits. She’s an amazing example to all Magnus students – the dojo is lucky to have her!

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Our 2022 annual award is our McManus Award winner, Will. Named for Sensei’s first instructor, mentor, and the academy’s namesake – the McManus Award is the highest honor you can receive as a Magnus Karate student. It is given each year to one student who has made the overall greatest impact on the dojo. Will is a Magnus student of more than 10 years and a member of both the Leadership Team and Teaching Team. If your child has been training at the dojo for the last 2-3 years they have most certainly taken a class lead by Will and benefitted from his coaching. He is a strong presence in the dojo and is well respected by his training partners, younger students, and Sensei. We are proud to award him with the McManus Award!

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Rounding out our 2022 annual awards is our D’Angelo Award winner, Drew. The D’Angelo award acknowledges a student for the dedication to advancement to the arts. Named for Sensei’s teacher Tony D’Angelo, Shinshi who is a true visionary. During his time studying with Shinshi D’Angelo, Sensei has learned the most about curriculum development, principle based connections, and classical intent. Drew, an 11 year student of Magnus Karate, and member of the Leadership and teaching teams is a consistent reminder of technical excellence in class. He possesses grit, tenacity, and resilience in his martial arts just like Tony. Drew is a constant leader in classes and is always advancing his skill level – he is one of the best youth level practitioners Magnus has ever seen.

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Each year these awards allow us the opportunity to reflect on the growth of our most advanced students at Magnus Karate. It is always humbling to truly see the dedication to training and the dojo that our advanced students possess. We are so fortunate to have each and every one of these students as members of our Magnus community.