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New Plans for The Magnus Foundation!

Check out our new plans for The Magnus Foundation!

Last week we teamed up with our friends at America’s Pie for another Magnus Dine & Donate day! We love the opportunity to work together with a shopping center neighbor and support our charity organization at the same time. At these events a portion of all the orders made for “Magnus” are donated back to our Magnus Foundation. We are so grateful to all of our Magnus families and supporters who dined out for our cause last week – it is a fun and easy way to help build our scholarship funds.

Our Magnus Foundation is the charity branch of Magnus Karate. Sensei and his wife founded this organization in an effort to have current Magnus students recognized for their dedication to their martial arts studies as they move forward beyond high school. When establishing the Foundation they hoped to eventually also use it as a way to get martial arts out into our local West Chester community and provide our young leaders with opportunities to provide service to the greater community as we grew.

In September of 2019 we were federally approved as a 501(c)(3) with the mission to provide higher education scholarships to Magnus graduating seniors and employees. Our Ted Newell Educational Scholarships, named to honor our dear friend and late Magnus student, were first awarded to Magnus Karate graduating seniors in June of 2020. To date 7 higher education scholarships have been presented to graduating Magnus seniors. Then in 2022 Magnus Karate partnered with the Charles A. Melton Arts and Education Center which provided the Foundation with an opportunity to expand our mission beyond higher education scholarships. During the last week of July we helped Sensei and the Magnus Teaching Team and Leadership team to welcome 30 students from the Melton Center for a week long half day karate camp session. The Magnus Foundation funded the supplies for this inaugural event and all of the Magnus instructors volunteered their time for the camp! It was an incredible week of introducing a fresh group of children to all the wonders of training martial arts at Magnus Karate and allowed Sensei and his young teachers to connect with members of the greater West Chester community. This camp week sparked interest in practicing karate in children who may not have otherwise have had the opportunity and has allowed Magnus to launch our first ever full year tuition scholarships funded through the Magnus Foundation.

Currently the Magnus Foundation provides higher education scholarships to Magnus Karate graduating seniors, a summer camp experience to children from the West Chester community in partnership with Magnus Karate and the Melton Center, and our brand new financial need based tuition scholarships for year round karate training at Magnus. Interested in learning more about, or supporting the Magnus Foundation? At this time all of our programming is funded through the generous contributions of individual donors and the support of fundraisers such as Magnus Karate’s winter Kickathon, workshops at the dojo, and dine and donate events with our local restaurant friends!

Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to support the Foundation in our dojo email blasts, follow us on social media, or visit to learn more.

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