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Magnus Karate Policies

✔️Attendance Tracking
  • Our teaching team will return to recording attendance at each class
    • This will help us to track student eligibility for testing (age 7+ program only) 
  • Attend flexibly and at your convenience (as always)
  • Any upcoming schedule adjustments or class closures will be announced multiple times in email (for you to track for your schedule 
✔️ Monthly Billing – Reminder
  • Magnus Karate operates billing 100% privately through our website (controlled and managed by Mike & Jenn Pannulla)
  • All billing for monthly enrollment is processed on the first of the month (every month)
  • Billing is for the month which it is being charged in (example: February 1 billing is for the month of February)
  • All billing adjustments, cancels, freezes, etc. must be sent in writing to [email protected] no later than 5 days before the start of the following month
✔️ Make Up Class Policy 
  • Any missed classes may be made up at anytime in the future during active enrollment
  • Magnus Karate does not permit attendance at academy classes during non-active enrollment
    • If you currently have a freeze on your account or have canceled your membership, you are no longer eligible to attend classes
  • Magnus Karate does not and will not pro-rate / refund for any class closures due to dojo special events (belt tests, etc.), inclement weather, or any type of emergency cancellation. Please utilize our flex schedule at your convenience and attend classes at anytime that works best for you schedule. 
✔️ Refund Request Policy – NEW
  • Starting in January 2023 Magnus Karate will now be including a $5 refund fee for any requested refunds. 
  • If you place an order for a product or service and change your mind after placing the order – $5 will be removed from the refund price. 
  • Please note – if Magnus Karate is responsible for an error charge we will gladly refund without a refund fee. 
✔️ Equipment / Gear Requirements
  • Yellow, Orange, Blue Belts – Required to own Hand Gear 
  • Green Belts – Required to own Hand Gear, Foot Gear, and Mouth Guard
  • Brown Belts & Black Belts – Required to own Hand Gear, Head Gear, Foot Gear, Mouth Guard
  • Magnus Equipment Bags – Available to own with our complete gear set or separate purchase
  • Gear should be brought to each and every class. 

Important – Before purchasing gear outside of Magnus Karate, all equipment must meet the approved gear options (color, brand, style) for Magnus Karate. Students will be asked to remove equipment which has not been approved by Sensei. Contact us at [email protected] to make sure you are purchasing the correct/approved product. 

✔️ Academy Communications 

  • Magnus Karate will continue to use our active member email blast list for direct group communication and reminders

    • We highly recommend that you do not unsubscribe as this is our primary means of delivering information to students. 

  • We will not send hard copy reminders home for dojo closure reminder. They will be noted in our weekly email or on our portal.

  • Email us directly at [email protected]

    • Please note – the email address “[email protected]” is no longer being used for Magnus Karate questions. If you send your question to this address you will be re-directed to our primary email which is [email protected] 

  • Text or call us at 610-890-3656 

  • Please email [email protected] only for billing related questions and requests. 

  • Visit our member portal at to see all up to date information at the academy and register for upcoming events. 

✔️ Uniforms / Hygiene
  • Uniforms – Please arrive to class in or bring a clean uniform
    • Uniforms should be washed frequently for the safety and comfort of all attending classes at the dojo. 
  • The gi (uniform) is a functional piece of attire used in classes (meaning we grab and touch uniforms). – keeping a clean uniform helps keep all participants safe. 
  • For students who are of age to consider – please apply deodorant before attending classes.
  • Rings – Magnus Karate does not permit rings on finger or toes during classes, students will be asked to remove them when attending class
    • This is a safety issue for both the wearer and the other participants in the class.
  • Earrings – Magnus Karate does not permit hoop earrings or large style earrings during classes – these are a safety issue. Studs are permitted, however Sensei does not recommend earring wear during class.
  • Finger Nails & Toe Nails – Students are required to attend class with clipped finger nails at finger tip and toe tip length. Long nails or un smooth nail surfaces have historically been a primary driver of cuts during training. 
  • Rash Guards – If you own a Magnus Grappling rash guard they should be washed directly after every grappling class practice. 
✔️ Saturday Class Availability – Reminder 
  • As a reminder Saturday classes are available from September 1st through May 31st at the dojo (annually). 
  • There are no pro-rates or refunds for any Saturday classes canceled due to dojo special events (such as belt tests).
  • Our schedule will be updated for June 1 through August 31
    • An email will be released in March with our June through August schedule plans
  • Annual Announcement: During the months of June, July and August the dojo will not offer Saturday morning classes (4 options for each Age 7+ group will be available from Monday through Thursday in June, July, and August). 
✔️ Parental / Guest Lobby Viewing Expectations 

Creating a distraction free environment at the dojo is one of our main priorities. To help us to do so…
  • Parents are asked to refrain from excessive and loud conversations while seated in the lobby during active class time. 
  • Please consider stepping out of the dojo to have long and potentially loud conversations
    • Our dojo is open to the lobby so the noise carries onto the floor and it is a distraction to our students and Teaching Team. 
  • Avoid multiple entrances and exits during active class time
    • Our teaching team is trained to be aware of the doors opening and closing – for safety purposes – so multiple exits and entries causes interruption to instruction.
  • Please refrain from attempting to get your child’s attention during class time (i.e. waving at them, tapping on the window to get their attention, pacing back and forth at the viewing window)
  • Parents and guests are not permitted to enter the dojo floor during active class time
    • The only exception to this rule is for use of the bathroom.
  • If mats are rolled out onto our floors please avoid stepping on them with your shoes on. This is a sanitary issue.
  • Parents are prohibited from stopping class instruction to make an announcement to their children while they are on the dojo floor (example – you want to let them know you will return at the end of class, or want to give them water or remind them about something in your schedule). Please ask a teaching team members to get your child’s attention and ask them to step out into the lobby where you can address them. 
✔️ Communicating with Teaching Team Members 
  • All questions regarding operations and student progress should be directed only to Sensei Pannulla.
  • Please do not pull Teaching Team members aside to ask them questions regarding your child’s progress, or to ask a billing, event attendance, or schedule question. 
  • Teaching Team members outside of Sensei Pannulla are responsible for dojo coaching and student instruction only.
  • Any attempts to confront, control, manipulate, or intimidate Teaching Team members (in any way) will result in your family’s immediate termination of academy membership.
  • Teaching Team members have an extensive apprenticeship at the dojo and are trained exclusively to coach, teach, and serve students only – they have no administrative or managerial duties outside of their duties at the dojo.