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November Promotion Day at Magnus!

Promotion Day at Magnus Karate РNovember 2022

Last week our week ended with our belt promotion ceremonies for our age 7+ students who tested in October. The dojo was buzzing with excited energy on Friday night as new belts were received by about 50 students. Each student received personalized congratulations from Sensei and the recognition of their fellow classmates who were also being promoted. All who were in attendance were also treated to a demonstration of advanced technique given by Sensei and black belt, Teaching Team member Mr. Graff. Mr. Graff has been practicing karate at Magnus for 10 years and started his martial journey as a Junior Magnus student. These demonstrations are always a wonderful peek into what the future of training at Magnus Karate can hold!

Our age 7+ under black belt promotion ceremonies happen four times per year a week or two after our quarterly belt testings. Each year our age 7+ under black belt students advance through the ranks by way of our belt testings. Students receive a test invitation from Sensei ahead of each testing based on their regular attendance in classes and the readiness they show in class. An age 7+ student generally attends class twice per week to become confident in the martial content and will attend a testing to demonstrate their knowledge four times per year.

The quarterly belt testing and promotion ceremony events are always a time of celebration at the dojo. We are so proud of all of our age 7+ students who have just advanced in rank!


November Promotion Day