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2021 Annual Awards

Congratulations to our four 2021 Magnus Karate annual award recipients!

November McManus Award 2
Congratulations to our 2021 McManus Award for Outstanding Student Peformance recipient Annette Dileo! Named for Sensei’s first mentor, instructor, and our academy’s namesake – John McManus. This award is given annually as a recognition of the one student who had the greatest impact overall at Magnus Karate. This is the highest honor we can bestow upon a student at our dojo. Annette has become our first “Triple Crown” Award recipient, having previously been awarded The Ritchie Award for Student Leadership and The Kazanjian Award for Student Dedication.
November Kazanjian Award
Congratulations to our 2021 recipient of The Kazanjian Award for Student Dedication – Justin Steinberger! Named for my original student, great friend, Magnus Foundation board member, and strongest supporter of the Magnus vision – Paul Kazanjian. I named this award after Paul because his dedication and belief in me over 11 years ago truly motivated me to create something important. I have always been honored to know Paul and call him a student and friend. Justin (Mr. Steinberger) is the definition of dedicated. An 11 year student, he continues to improve in martial capabilities and has become a powerful full dojo lead instructor and coach. Our students love taking classes with him, he has such an incredible ability to connect through story telling and is masterful beyond his years with age appropriate instructional strategies. He is deeply committed to his practice, his dojo, and the students he serves. You can see him at the dojo this week!
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Congratulations to our 2021 recipient of The Ritchie for Student Leadership – Will Cortes! Named for Sensei’s long time friend, fellow training partner for many years, a mentor to my family, Magnus Foundation board member, and a true leader – Paul Ritchie. This award was named after Paul because his mentorship and patience with me as a young man helped me become a successful community leader, teacher, and good family man. Before Magnus was established, Paul always shared in my vision and spent many hours sharing invaluable insights and experiential wisdom with me. I’ll never forget his support and sense of motivation in the first two years of starting Magnus. It is an honor to have our award for leadership to be named for him. Will (Mr. Cortes) is a true shining star at Magnus Karate. Will is a second year teaching team member and is a consistent figure at Leadership Team trainings and workshops. Respected by his training partners, our student base, and his Sensei, he has a relentless ability to keep our classes energized and exciting. Will has become one of our most powerful support members of the team and is now in his training to become a full dojo lead coach and instructor. You can see him at the dojo this week!
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Congratulations to our 2021 recipient of The D’Angelo Award for the Advancement of the Arts – Alan Pendlebury! Named for my teacher and mentor Tony D’Angelo. I named this award after Tony because he is a true visionary and has inspired me to understand the concept of “Dedication to Excellence”. It has been under Shinshi D’Angelo that I have learned most about curriculum development, principle based connections, and classical intent. Over the past seven years I have frequently visited my teacher at his home in New Lenox, IL and have completed over twenty multi-day Qigong courses and been accepted as a senior level private student in Shobayashi Shorin Ryu. It is an honor to name this award for him, I continue to grow under his guidance. Alan has become a consistent senior student at our dojo. Throughout this year of time he averaged four training nights per week and became a support member of our Leadership Team Weapon Arts program. I have been incredibly impressed with Alan’s ability to recognize conceptual connections within all levels of his martial art practice. He continues to advance the arts with his improvement as it motivates me as a Sensei to grow with him. Well deserved all around. You can see him at the dojo this week!


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