Weapon Arts & Grappling Events!

Magnus Weapon Arts & Magnus Grappling! 

We have had multiple events during the month of January. Recently our Leadership Team met on Friday January 21, 2022 for an exciting technical development workshop within our Magnus Grappling program.

Our Weapon Arts program continues to evolve and grow as we had a great third class within our foundations course “1-A”

Check out the pics and videos below –

Weapon Arts Course 1-A, Class 3:

Class 3 within Magnus Weapon Arts Course 1-A was a huge success. Enrolled students into this course deepened their skills with single stick eskrima and bo staff.

Did you know…Outside of our Leadership Team this is the first group of students (most under brown belt level) to enter into a Weapon Arts certification course?! Our Weapon Arts program continues to grow in participation and lesson plan content.

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Leadership Team – Magnus Grappling Workshop 

Friday January 21, 2022

Our Leadership Team kicked off a new program launch for our Leadership Team members – “Magnus Grappling”.
Many thanks to our Level 3 and Teaching Team members (especially Miss Dileo and Mr. Steinberger) for leading the way for all team workshops hosted that night.
Look out for more updates on this new program launch at Magnus Karate – our Leadership Team will lead the way as we develop monthly workshop platforms for Magnus Grappling👊🙌🥋



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