Parent’s Week Is Here!

November Parents Week
Next week is parent’s week for all active members in our Junior Magnus (Age 4-6) and Age 7+ Beginner, and Age 7+ Green/Brown class families (Note – not for Black/Brown class or all Black Belts).

This is an incredibly fun way to connect with your children, learn more about what they are doing in class, ask questions about our curriculum and philosophies, and have fun.


  • Join class, take pics, and videos, and have fun with your children.
  • Class content will be modified to accommodate parental involvement and help you do activities with your children.
  • Limit 1 parent per student per class (this does not include extra family members such as a younger sibling or grandparent).
  • Limit 1 time attendance throughout the week for a parent. Students may attend normally – we ask that parents attend only one time during the week.
👉 Want a grandparent to join in class instead of a parent?…That works too! Feel free to invite them to let them have a great experience with their grandchildren (Note – this is an active session, we will be moving). 
When to Attend: 
  • Junior Magnus and Age 7+ Beginner Classes: Parents can join in class flexibly Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of next week.
  • Age 7+ Green/Brown Classes: Parents can join in class on either Monday or Tuesday of next week (Wednesday and Thursday are not available for parents to attend for Green/Brown classes)
How to attend: 
  • If you plan to attend class with your child / children, parents do not need to register
  • Please only register your child like normal and feel free to drop in with them anytime that works with the schedule at the top of this post. 

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