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Age 7+ Beginner info & Availability

Age 7+ Beginner Info & Availability

Magnus Karate is a full time age appropriate martial arts academy. 

Celebrating 11 years in May 2021 our karate school offers traditional martial arts programming starting at Age 4. 

Our curriculum is vast and features a clear pathway for any student of any age. 

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Magnus Karate is a no contract martial arts academy. 

Month to month payments. No long term agreements. 

Our curriculums and programs operate year round, get started anytime! 

The best way to find out if Magnus Karate is a good fit for your family is to come in for a free intro lesson. 

  • If all parties feel like its a good fit to move forward we suggest you utilize the monthly intro offer to test out the flex schedule. 
  • After the intro families move forward month to month as active members of Magnus Karate. 
  • No Contracts, No Gimmicks, Month to Month Payments
We recently relocated our karate school to our brand new dojo in downtown West Chester! – Cambridge Square Shopping Center – popular stores in the plaza which includes Rita’s, Jersey Mike’s, America’s Pie).


  • Upon scheduling you will be contacted by a Magnus Karate representative on what to expect on the first day. 
  • The email will provide tons of helpful info for what to bring, and what the first day will look and feel like. 
  • Overall, the free intro class is the best way to see if what we do is a good fit for your family. Visit the dojo, meet our teaching team members, and take part in one of our engaging lessons. 
  • No experience is required to participate on day 1. 

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Read Sensei's Story

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Flex Schedule: Magnus operates on a flex schedule, pick and choose which class works best week to week.

  • Ex: Monday and Wednesday work best this week vs. Tues and Thursday next week.

All classes operate at unlimited attendance monthly, you can use the four class options offered weekly to attend flexibly. 

1. Monday: 5:45 – 6:30PM

2. Tuesday: 5:00 – 5:45PM

3. Wednesday: 5:45 – 6:30PM

4. Thursday: 5:00 – 5:45PM

Our current schedules are in subject to review every quarter due to Covid to make sure they all fit the best needs of the school’s student population. 

Immediate Age 7+ Advice:  All Age 7+ programming features unlimited attendance enrollment – families utilize our flex schedule (see above). 
Speaking from experience – in order to see the best results I highly suggest all students attend class at a minimum of 6-8 times per month. Anything less than 5 per month generally leads to a confidence loss as the student falls behind in curriculum and feels a gradual distance from the training group. 
You can always attend more than 8 classes per month, that range is my suggestion for confidence development in this specific program at our school. 

operations INFO & Advice

  • Registering for classes: All students are required to register for each class individually before attending at the dojo. 
    • The class registration link is available on your portal and will always be available on your weekly Sunday evening email (released 7:00PM) every week.
    • Classes will automatically close out to new participants when 25 students are registered (our scheduling app will automatically close out entry).
    • You can register for classes at any time of the week including the day of.
  • We welcome two parents into the dojo for your initial intro class.
  • Parents are welcome into the dojo lobby for class viewing upon enrollment. We have a viewing window in our lobby where parents can enjoy class. 
  • Multiple opportunities for parent viewing and participation are made available throughout the year with watch weeks (observation weeks and parent’s weeks, where Parent’s are invited to join class with their children). 

Active members are communicated primarily through our active member email blast, (friends, family, and non active families are on our general mailer). You can always reach Sensei fast through call or text. 

Masks are currently required inside of the dojo for all participants and guests. 
 Instructors will be wearing masks during all levels of activities – students and guests have choice. 
Capacity restrictions have been lifted in the state, however we are capping classes at 25 to ensure quality control for each and every class. 

Age 7+ Black Belt Training is a rank / level specific training program which progresses youth participants through our pathway to black belt.

Junior Magnus (Age 4-6) is our developmental readiness program designed to provide a great introduction for pre-k and k based students along with preparing students for Age 7+ black belt training in the future.

Each programs have different schedules, rates, and curriculum objectives and goals. 

our DOJO

All classes and programs are located at our new dojo in Cambridge Square Shopping Center - West Chester, PA on Gay Street.

Check out what belt testing looks like! Video from our July 2021 test.


how Belt Testing works

Check out what belt testing looks like! Video from our July 2021 test.


Belt testing is an exciting process for all Age 7+ students. 

All in all there are nine belts to earn before a youth black belt test (which generally takes a student 4 to 5 years to become an eligible test candidate). 

Students are invited to belt tests through private invitations. 

They become eligible to test for new rank based upon attendance and Sensei’s recommendation to level up (based upon technical readiness). 

The first two years of black belt training offer an opportunity to test (level up) every 3 months.

Our belt tests are scheduled in quarters and show up on events calendars on our portal and announced through email blast reminders. 

Invitations to the test are always based upon class attendance (we track attendance using the registration app – if a student attends anywhere between 12 – 14 classes from their previous test to the invite period which occurs one month before the test, they will be eligible based on attendance). 

Regardless of attendance, Sensei has complete discretion to invite a student to a belt test based upon technical or personal readiness to take the test. 

When a student becomes a brown belt in Age 7+ (approximately two years after beginning Age 7+ Beginner) test cycles are increased to 6 months apart. At black belt candidate (brown with black stripe) a student will train and prepare for youth black belt over one year of time before taking the test. 

The test invitation will come in a private email and will provide the following details: 

1. Test Date

2. Test Group Time (based upon your child’s age and rank)

3. Spectator Information

4. Test Registration Fee: Each test features a $50 registration fee at Age 7+ programming. 

Belt tests are special events and are not seen as an extension or inclusion of your monthly tuition at Magnus Karate. That rate covers new belts to be purchased, special event time (or make up test time) which is not included in monthly tuition, and Sensei and teaching team members who are there to run the event. 


We invite up to 3 parents / guests per participant to each belt test. Seats are placed inside of the dojo for you to sit and enjoy the test process. 

*Sensei will not facilitate a test for any student who does not have a parent available to watch the test. Taking a belt test is seen as an opportunity to elevate and he believes all parents / guardians should be able to share in their children’s success. 

belt ranks at age 7+

Age 7 Belt Progression

Students have the opportunity to earn new belts by being invited to belt test day. 

Upon passing their test, they are awarded their new belt at our promotion day event or a small belt promotion ceremony after a regular class. 

Different than Junior Magnus, belts are earned at belt tests and will not be provided as a progress and attendance marker which is what they were used for in Junior Magnus. 

Please reference the belt progression image attached to this section: 

White to Yellow Belt: 3 Months

Yellow to Orange Belt: 3 Months

Orange to Blue Belt: 3 Months

Blue to Green Belt: 3 Months

Green to Green/White Stripe: 3 Months

Green/White to Green/Black Stripe: 3 Months

Green/Black Stripe to Brown Belt: 3 Months 

Brown Belt to Brown/White Stripe: 6 Months 

Brown/White Stripe to Brown/Black Stripe: 6 Months 

Brown/Black Stripe to Youth Black Belt: 1 Year 

July Promotion Day

All students who have passed their belt test are invited to our promotion day event. It’s a nice opportunity to watch Sensei award your child their next belt rank, watch black belt demonstrations, and enjoy snacks and refreshments for the family. 

If you are unable to attend promotion day, a private belt promotion ceremony can be scheduled towards the end of a regular class that your child attends. 

Junior Magnus belts are provided at Sensei’s discretion and are generally used as progress and attendance markers. There is no testing process at Junior Magnus and belts are not seen as an “earned” process within Junior Magnus. Sensei keeps belts very “low key” in Junior Magnus. 

Age 7+ belts are all earned at belt tests. Every belt a student earns helps them climb one step to closer to their big goal of black belt. 

Age 7 Belt Progression
October Promotion Day

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