May exclusive intro web offer: 3 classes and a uniform for $19! 

Age 7+ Youth Martial Arts

Our youth martial arts black belt training program is at the core of what we do at Magnus, and is where all of our leaders and instructors began their journey.  Children develop into strong young adults — physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially, while learning essential life skills through their training that will help them find their unique path, and excel in school, in athletics, and at home.  

Our program is organized into four progressive categories – beginner, intermediate, pre-black belt, and youth black belt classes, to ensure that your child is learning in the best possible environment for their age and skill level.  Our cohesive, holistic approach will enhance every aspect of your child’s development, and help them realize their greatest potential moving into adulthood.  We are passionate about making Magnus feel like home for every student — a place where they can feel like a giant, find their voice, and develop into a leader for tomorrow. 

All students begin with private training with an instructor to set them up for success.  Reach out today to schedule your child’s introductory lesson, and lets see where their martial arts journey will take them.  


  • Magnus Karate is a no contract karate school. 
  • Month to Month payments always 
  • Magnus is celebrating 11 years in business in May 2021. 
  • Magnus Karate is a full time age appropriate martial arts academy. 
  • Classes are available starting at Age 4 and are segmented according to age and experience levels. 
  • No experience is necessary, our Age 7+ Beginner class is very welcoming to a new student of martial art practice. 
  • Anytime! Magnus Karate is a year round martial arts academy. 
  • Free trial lessons are available upon request. Please fill out a contact form and a Magnus Karate representative will contact you back with helpful information and first available intro lesson opportunities. 

Magnus Karate is located at 323 E. Gay St, West Chester, PA 19348

(Cambridge Square Shopping Center – popular stores in the same plaza: Rita’s, America’s Pie, Jersey Mikes). 



APRIL exclusive intro web offer: 3 classes and a uniform for $19