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Age 7+ Belt
Test Day

What to expect on test day – 

helpful tips and suggestions 

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register for the belt test

Required before test participation. 

Contact Sensei Pannulla with questions. 

Test Day Important Info

2 (total) spectators per participant. 

Masks required indoors for all participants and spectators. 

Temp checks at the door. 

Not feeling well?…please do not come to the test. If a test participant falls ill before test time we can find an alternative solution. 

  • Hydration: Please make sure your child is drinking enough water throughout this week (especially Friday and Saturday). This test will be very physically taxing and preparing for hydration issues is very important. Although all candidates will have multiple 5 minute recovery breaks throughout the test, proper hydration can help keep each student reach peak performance throughout the entire morning. 
  • Rest: Please be sure to get plenty of rest the day and  night before the test. I always suggest an organized sleep structure at least 3-4 nights before a large physical performance. 
  • Nutrition: This test is consistently physical, there is little downtime for break once they have begun a test section. Please be sure that your child has had enough to eat the weekend before and has eaten the day of. I would not suggest a large meal within one hour of test time – the easiest way to get sick during this test is over eating or an incorrect food choice. I would additionally avoid fast food the morning of the test. Possibly providing quick snack fuel options (bars, veggies, fruit) during their 5 minute breaks is an excellent idea as well

Please feel free to take as many photos and videos as you would like during the test. 

Capturing footage will not be a distraction to anybody. 

Multiple chairs will be spread throughout the dojo. Families will be grouped together. 

Find an available and open spot and it’s yours! 

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Black Belt test is not a competitive style sport event. 

Please do not attempt to verbally encourage or gain attention of your child was the test is in progress. 

All students have been prepped well and are expected to demonstrate independence of selected test content with minimal coaching and motivation. 

Multiple 5 min. breaks will be implemented. I highly encourage you to support and cheer them on during the break sections. 


  • Plenty of extra water
  • Clean uniform and belt
  • A small snack (nothing heavy, maybe fruit or sometime of bar)
  • Extra mask – Experience has show that a make replacement is a good idea during break sections. 
  • Towel to wash off face during transitions. 

Upon confirmation of a passing test result Sensei will send out an email with promotion dates. 

Please leave time for uniform embroidery. Generally promotions to black belt can come 1 to 1.5 months after the test. 

April Beginner Belt Test Pics

Beginner Test Content Videos
Practice and Reference Videos from each section of the test!
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April Green-Brown Belt Test Pics

Beginner Belt test content - practice and reference videos

Section 1: Foundations

Section 2: Paddle Striking

Section 3: Kata Iche (White & Yellow Belt Kata)

Section 3: Kata Ni (Yellow & Orange Belt Kata)

Section 3: Kata San (Orange & Blue Belt Kata)

Section 3: Pinan Ni Dan (Blue & Green Belt Kata)

Section 4: Bag Kicking

Section 5: Paddle Kicking

Green-Brown Belt test content - practice and reference videos

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