Black-belt Training

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Take the Magnus journey and become a black belt! Our youth black belt training program is organized into four grouping categories – beginner, intermediate, pre-black belt, and youth black belt classes our students are provided excellent lessons every class. All students at this level participate in the Magnus Method of Youth Instruction and have the opportunity to advance within our rank specific belt testing cycles. Our method features a cohesive learning model which is motivating and positively challenging at the same time. Our classes feature a wide variety of units such as classical karate skills, drills and concepts, strength, speed, and agility training, kicking and striking, personal protection (flow/sensitivity drills, throwing and take down arts, ground grappling, and joint manipulation skills), sparring, and weapon arts. From beginner level to black belt levels our Age 7+ black belt training program is a great way to learn effort, responsibility, and confidence. Every step of the journey opens new levels as students grow and progress


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