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January Weapon Arts Launch 17

Weapon Arts Course – Registration Open! 

➡️ Click the image above to register

Interested in learning weapon arts on a regular basis? We have a new 6 part workshop series course launching for all Age 7+ Orange, Blue, Green, and Brown Belts. 

No Experience Required. Weapon Arts 1-A is our foundations course focusing on single stick eskrima and bo staff.

Registration CLOSES Thursday 1/6

January Belt Test Day


Our next quarterly Age 7+ Belt Test Day is coming up at the end of January. Eligible and invited families will receive a private official invitation email during the first week of January. 


January Protection Workshop


Its back! This is a great option for parents of active members. Invite friends and family to join you as Sensei personally guides you through an educational, informative, and active personal protection workshop. 

No experience in martial arts practice required – very beginner friendly.

Limited space will be available – registration to launch in email. 

Contact Sensei with interest in attending.

January Early Bird Camp Sales

Early Bird Camp Registration

Our early bird camp sales opportunity will begin on Friday January 14th. We have five summer camp options for you to choose from. 

Look out for out for our email on early bird registration to come up soon! 

Active Members Only

January Star Wars Parents Night Out 2
Parent’s Night Out! – 1/15
Get ready for a fun parent’s night out opportunity for active members Ages 6,7,8,9. 

Star Wars night will feature a full light saber workshop (eskrima workshop) using toy lightsabers (glow in the dark!). We follow up that fun training with an epic glow in the dark nerf battle, followed by a lego Star Wars movie, pizza, and popcorn. 

Siblings and friends of attending active members will be eligible for attendance (within the age range listed above).

*Ages 9,10,11,12 Star Wars Parent’s Night Out coming in February! 

-Limited Space & Pre-Registration Required

More details to follow in event specific email. 

January MLK Day Full Day Workshop

MLK Day Workshop – 1/17
Full Day workshop intensive opportunity for all Age 7+ Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, and Brown Belts. 

Action packed day filled with a lengthy and rank appropriate weapon arts workshops / intensive training, full sparring workshop, grappling and takedowns workshop, fun team building games and competitions and an epic nerf battle / party. 

-Limited Space

More details to follow in event specific email. Active Members Only

January Sparring Workshop

Free Workshop!

Sparring workshop for our Age 7+ Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, and Brown Belt students. 

Limited space available – registration to launch in event specific email. Active Members Only

January Buddy Week
Buddy Week! 

Bring a friend(s) to class in our Age 7+ Beginner and Junior Magnus classes. Available every day the week of Jan 31st. 

More details to follow in event specific email. 


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