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Junior Magnus (Age 4-6) AT Magnus Karate:


Celebrating 10 years in business in May 2020, Magnus Karate is a no contract karate school, month to month payments.
Magnus Karate is a full time academy of age appropriate martial arts education. Our curriculum is vast and features a clear pathway for any student of any age.

Our academy isn’t just another rec program.  It’s a pathway that hundreds of kids have taken to becoming powerful leaders for their peers.  All of our instructors started training right here with us at Magnus, and others have been accepted to elite institutions like the United States Naval Academy, UPenn, and Harvard University. 

Our Custom Curriculums Include:

  • Fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate classes for your child’s age group
  • Improved focus and listening skills
  • Improved social and physical confidence
  • Highly trained, certified instructors who walked the same path as your child
What’s New: We recently relocated our karate school to our brand new dojo in downtown West Chester! – Cambridge Square Shopping Center – popular stores in the plaza which includes Rita’s, Jersey Mike’s, America’s Pie).

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Sensei Pannulla: Magnus Karate was founded and is solely owned and operated by MIke Pannulla. 
With over 26 years of consistent martial arts practice, and multiple black belt certifications, Sensei is the head instructor, curriculum developer, instructional team instructor, and lead example for all participants at Magnus Karate. 
Each class will feature members of the Magnus Karate teaching team instructing classes. All teaching team members are home grown at Magnus and attend weekly staff and instructor training workshops.


Flex Schedule: Magnus operates on a flex schedule, pick and choose which class works best week to week.

  • Ex: Monday and Wednesday work best this week vs. Tues and Thursday next week.
Current Age 7+ Beginner Schedule– Our current schedules are in subject to review every quarter due to Covid to make sure they all fit the best needs of the school’s student population. 
  1. Monday: 5:35 – 6:20PM
  2. Tuesday: 4:45 – 5:30PM 
  3. Wednesday: 4:15 – 5:00PM (Wednesday features 2 options)
  4. Wednesday: 5:30 – 6:15PM
  5. Thursday: 4:45 – 5:30PM 
  6. Friday: 5:00 – 5:45PM
Relentless 6


Our Youth Programs: 
  • Junior Magnus (Age 4-6) is our developmental readiness program designed to provide a great introduction for pre-k and k based students along with preparing students for Age 7+ black belt training in the future.
  • Age 7+ Black Belt Training is a rank / level specific training program which progresses youth participants through our pathway to black belt.

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Registering for classes: All students are required to register for each class individually before attending at the dojo. 
  • The class registration link is available on your portal and will always be available on your weekly Sunday evening email (released 7:30PM) every week.
  • Classes will automatically close out to new participants when 22 students are registered (our scheduling app will automatically close out entry).
  • You can register for classes at any time of the week including the day of.
Parent Viewing: Due to Covid all parents will drop off or wait outside of the dojo while class is in session.
  • We are welcoming one parent in doors during first class back or their first trial class.
  • In the future we look forward to inviting all parents into the dojo to enjoy class viewing
How We Contact: Active members are communicated primarily through our active member email blast, (friends, family, and non active families are on our general mailer). You can always reach Sensei fast through call or text. 

Review our Covid Precautions: Click Here

Quick Review of Precautions: Masks required in doors at all times, mandatory temp checks before entry, 22 student max class size, no visiting, parent viewing or guest viewing during classes, dojo deep cleaned daily (using an industrial fogger), equipment and floors cleaned during and in between classes, hand sanitizer readily accessible in multiple points at the dojo. 
Max. Class Size: As a current Covid precaution at Magnus Karate all Junior Magnus classes have a current maximum class size of 22 participants. 

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